Furniture Lux

Furniture Lux

Since year 2005 company “R.P. Group” owns brand of "Real Pearls", which includes high-end joinery manufacture and sales. "Real Pearl" is a team with years of experience and insatiable tension for innovations. Our credo - the accuracy of even the smallest detail!

For projects with individual requirements "Real Pearls" offers solutions for any living space including kitchens, cabinets, living rooms, bedrooms and wardrobes. We can create and produce doors, frames, wall panels, cornices, integrated light elements, housing and built-in furniture.

In projects with specialized requirements, "Real Pearls" pay maximum attention to the requirements of industry and customer expectations. Useful shelves, bright and elegant showcase, a unique office table and many other things can be a Real Pearls’ proposed comfortable adornment for your business!

Beauty is a characteristic of an object that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning lasting satisfaction. Real Pearls wish to share our experience of beauty perception!

Let your ideas become real pearls!

"Real Pearls" have experienced ten years of sustainability, putting aesthetics and creativity, the satisfaction of the user’s needs aimed at comfort, ergonomics and safety, to long product life. In fact, creating interior and furniture for ones living space involves a lot of time, care and detailed information.

That is why, with Real Pearls you will find many services that will help you choose and decide your preferences, in addition we will assist you during the post-purchase phase.

We view every customer as a customer for life and constantly reinforce this approach with our employees to assure the complete satisfaction of every customer.

Big experience in furniture manufacturing

Fast Delivery

We provide guarantee for our work

Quality performance of orders within the minimum terms


Company “R.P. Group” has been  furniture production since year 2000. We export our goods to such countries as Belgium, France, Norway, Czech Republic, the Ukrain, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Georgia.

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