Furniture for Business

Furniture for Business

This "Real Pearls" page is specifically designed to have a look at specific requirements, which demands experience of creating comfortable business environment!

"Real Pearls" can bring to reality furniture and interior items for casinos, hotels, bars, restaurants, cafe, salons, offices, stores, bank and drugstore branches etc.

We can create and produce doors, frames, wall panels, cornices, integrated light elements, housing and built-in furniture. For full service we provide coordination of customer’s, architect’s or designer’s ideas and demands, visualization of interior, technical solutions and of course delivering final result to reality.

Big experience in furniture manufacturing

Fast Delivery

We provide guarantee for our work

Quality performance of orders within the minimum terms


Company “R.P. Group” has been  furniture production since year 2000. We export our goods to such countries as Belgium, France, Norway, Czech Republic, the Ukrain, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Georgia.

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