• Furniture

    Module furniture, kitchens, guestroom sets, bedroom etc. Exclusive furniture and interior parts by individual design for home and business

  • Service for Furniture Manufacturers

    For individual businessmen and private customers: cutting, milling, drilling, edge coating, sanding, calibration, veneering, painting, varnishing etc.

    Service for Furniture Manufacturers

Big experience in furniture manufacturing

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Company “R.P. Group” has been  furniture production since year 2000. We export our goods to such countries as Belgium, France, Norway, Czech Republic, the Ukrain, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Georgia.

Address: Latvija, Rīga , Tvaikoņu iela 5 , LV-1007   Tel.: +371 29277617; +371 22336314   E-mail: mebeles2@rpgroup.lv